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Oliver-Sept-2013I have a 7 year old cocker spaniel named Oliver, I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Oliver has had many issues throughout his short life. So far he had cherry eye surgery at 4 moths of age and was nurtured. He was scratched in the eye by our kitten in Feb 2013 and I took him to the vets. He started on meds and seemed to heal. He then had been suffering from anal glad problems for many years until we finally had them removed in May 2013.

He did seem to keep getting bacteria infections in the eye that the cat had scratched but the vet dyed the eye many times and kept telling me that there was no scratch and that he was getting bacteria in his eyes and so we treated it when they would get red.

OliverIn Aug 2013 he went for his regular grooming at his groomers, when I picked him up his groomer expressed to me that there was something really wrong with his eye. I took him back to the vets and he said Oliver needed to see an ophthalmologist.

I started calling around as we have no veterinarian ophthalmologist where I live. I finally found one and we made the 5 hour journey very early the next morning. The ophthalmologist spoke little English as we were in Quebec but he was diagnosed with Uveitis and glaucoma in his right eye. They gave us meds and sent us home to get a check up in 2 weeks.

Ollie-sept-2013I ended up going back to my vets when I got back just to show and my vet said just keep giving the meds and drops. He seemed ok for that week but by the weekend he was not good again and the eye was getting quite large.(Labour day weekend) I took him 2 hours away to an animal hospital in Ottawa and we spent about 12 hours there. They told me there that they could not get a pressure reading for the right eye and that it had actually indented so they aborted but that the good eye was only reading a 6, and that was not very good either. They also told me that he was blind in his right eye. They put him on a few more meds and said that the eye needed to be removed.

ollieWe are home now and it seems like on Monday it didn’t look to bad but by Friday again it is enlarged and not looking so well. Should I just be telling my vet I want it removed? or do I keep putting meds in it?

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  1. The poor little guy. That eye doesn’t look good and if he is blind in that eye then the next step is eye removal.

    If it were me, (after what I know now after going through it with my dog), I would be telling the vet to have the eye removed.

    1. I have booked the surgery for the eye removal for this Fri September 20th. I hope everything goes well and I hope my Oliver looks as cute as your Lucy did. Thanks for having this support group. It has and will in the future help me deal with this time in Oliver’s life.

  2. Three weeks out and the only thing I may have done differently is having the surgery sooner. I pray that all went well today.

  3. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. My daughter plays hockey and we have been so busy. Oliver ended up having his eye removed today and also a small growth on his ear. He is sound excellent. He is laying beside me chewing on a bone. Thank you for all the support. I will post some pics.

  4. I am glad he is feeling better. My dog, Boomer is scheduled to have both eyes removed, next Thursday down in VA Beach, VA. We only recently realized the pain he has been through and put him on meds and drops. Just taking the pain meds has changed him back to a happy puppy. I am dreading the surgery but also looking forward to him living a happy and pain free life. Boomer is only 2 1/2 years now and had cataract surgery on his first birthday.

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