Mysti is now blind

Mysti is an almost 8 year old lab/rottie mix that has just lost her sight.
No surgery, no accident just gone. Maybe a stroke.
We as a human and animal family are struggling. Mysti and her new sister a 3 year old mix got into a huge fight yesterday, even blind Mysti won.
I have ordered a halo but it will be here in about 10 days.
Just lost.

One thought on “Mysti is now blind

  1. Piper,
    Mystic will work out the terms of her blindness. It will take some time -usually about 2-3 months.
    Not sure about the Halo- got one for my jack Russell terrier Lucy, and she hated it. She just sat down and would not move.
    Lucy my 13 year old JR went blind 3 years ago today. I was devastated, but not Lucy. She found her way before I came to grips with her blindness. I sprayed all the corners with a lemon scent so she would learn the corners. I have a 300 acre ranch with horses. Bless me, Lucy is a marvel. she just uses her nose and ears and scoots fearlessly around the barns. My other dogs treat her the same. I still treat her eyes and she is living a happy healthly life.

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