My Sweet Yoshi

Yoshi - blind dogYoshi is one of 6 toy dogs that own my husband George and I. Yoshi is a 4 year old White and black Japanese Chin. She is a love bug and she and I have been joined at the hip since day one.

We put Yoshi to bed two nights ago and she was fine. She always sleeps in her bed next to ours or with us in our bed. We woke up in the morning and she was nowhere to be found. This had never happened before. We finally found her at the other end of the house, just sitting there. To make a long story short, a trip to the vet a few hours later confirmed our worse fears….Yoshi is blind in both eyes. She has Glaucoma, something we didn’t even know dogs could get.

YoshiWe are Senior Citizens, both of us are disabled and not working. And my husband has, of all things, Glaucoma. We are on a very limited income and at this point in time we cannot afford a specialist so our regular vet is treating her for now.

We are heartbroken. My “little shadow” is behaving so differently. I know she will be better in time but I wonder if she will ever be “herself” again. Seeing her lost in her home she has lived in since she was a puppy and bumping into things is something that hurts me almost beyond what I can bear. I love her so very much. I am trying to keep an up attitude but it is hard to do. Do we all go through stages of grief when something like this happens? Will I be crying forever?

YoshiThis is where things stand right now, Thursday, February 6, 2014. I am so glad I found this forum. I am so lost right now I really am glad I found a support group.

Thanks in advance.

Louise in Houston

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  1. Yoshi has the cutest face EVER!! I am so sorry to hear your story. I am glad that we have a community to support each other and our “babies”.

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