My sweet baby girl

My precious dog is Shada…she is an Australian Shepherd, lab mix. I got her in March of 2007 as a baby. I always noticed she was scared of stairs and now I think I know why..she could not see good.

About 2 years ago I took her to her regular vet to have her checkup and bath. When I got her home she kept closing her right eye and it was very red so I figured they had gotten shampoo or something in it so I called her vet and she told me to bring her back in and let her check it..she rinsed her eye out and after a day or so it was fine..but after about a week she kept squinting her eye but the vet said she couldn’t see anything wrong. Gave me salve and rinse to put in it.

During this time we were in the process of moving to the beach. It kept flaring up and my small dog would lick her eyes all the time. I didn’t really think anything about it at first but later on when I found out she had glaucoma that was why she licked her eyes she knew something was wrong.

We got moved but her eye continued to flare up every other day and she would not eat and slept all the time. I called an Eye Vet close to my hometown where I use to live and made an appointment. When I got her there she diagnosed glaucoma in both eyes. Her right eye that kept flaring up could not have laser so they did an injection so she is blind in it now but they did do laser on her left eye but before doing it found that she was weak and sick due to having Addison’s disease and thyroid disease.

They could not put her to sleep till they got that under control. After about a week they proceeded with the laser and she has had to have up to 3 lasers done on that eye due to the pressure going up after a month or two after the procedure is done. Her right eye still has pressure spikes.

This week Sept 12, 2013 she will be going back to the eye vet to have her right eye removed and see what they need to do with her left one, the pressure in both went up over 35 and we cannot get it to go down..poor baby has been thru so much but I don’t want her to suffer with the pressure spikes..I know she will eventually lose her other eye but I know she will be ok…she was almost blind once before when the pressure spiked into the 50’s and she was walking around the house before we left to take her out if town to her doctor.

I pray that the next procedure in her left eye will last a little longer than the last 3 but if it doesn’t she and all of us will be fine…her little sister will be by her side. So my husband will be leaving with her in the morning Friday Sept 13 for another trip out if town to her vet for her surgery’s….

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