My Story by Tuf-Fee Stakes ake Toughy, Tuffykins and a bunch of other endearments

This is my Cleopatra poseEverything was going along just fine. It was the weekend we were going to see Dr. Ben, our Veterinarian at the lake, During a regular check up and booster shot visit, Dr. Ben saw something in my eyes and told mom she should take me to the Animal Ophthalmology Clinic in Dallas. She made an appointment, . Mom, Dad, Char-Li (my non-related brother) went to the clinic and saw Dr. Warren. He said I had glaucoma (just like my two-legged mom) and he scheduled me for eye surgery (just like mom had).

We went to the clinic the day of the surgery and mom gave me a kiss, dad gave me a head pat and Char-Li waited in the car. Jessica took me to the back. Apparently during surgery Dr. Warren found that the glaucoma was more progressed than they thought. On May 19, 2009 I had laser surgery to help keep the pressure down along with a great deal of drops and a schedule as to how and when they should be administered. I went home with a collar (which I didn’t like) and Mom had color coordinated schedules pasted on the kitchen cabinet doors. Sad to say, as hard as we all tried it didn’t work. My eyesight and pressure kept getting worse. I couldn’t see anything.

On September 19, 2009 Dr. Warren performed Gentamicin Injection – both eyes. Dr. Warren told mom and dad not to change any furniture around the house, and when we went to the lake special notice not to change anything around. Well, that wasn’t going to be a problem – I’m Tuf-Fee the Amazing.

We moved to the lake in December 2009 because Dad and Mom retired. Since then, Dad has built a deck all around the house and a deck on the lower level. There are stairs going up and down all over the place, and not of these changes were made when I had my sight. I can tell you that none of this made any difference to me I just adjusted as only Tuf-Fee the Amazing can.

Tuf-feeMy life since the last surgery is as follows: There is a doggie door so I can come and go as I please and when I please. I love to ride with my head out of the car window and enjoy the breeze. If Dad forgets to put the window down enough for me, I let him know. I ride on the boat – when there’s water in the lake. I like to be up front to feel the wind. I can swim from the boat to the park

All of Mom’s friends here have bunches of dogs each, but I am the Princess of the neighborhood. You might be wondering where I am going with this story . . . . well, tomorrow morning I am going to see my new doctor, Dr. Smith. He is at the clinic where my brother and I go now. He is going to do Enucleation surgery on both of my eyes. My mom has finally come to the realization that after all these years the two drops I take twice a day are not working to keep the pressure down. I don’t think I’m in pain but it’s been so long since this all started who knows what I’ve gotten used to.

So, everyone out there who has a dog who might be in the same situation I’m in, read this story to them and they will know they have nothing to worry about, and you too. Talk to you after my surgery.


PS, the house in the picture of my Cleopatra pose is not ours..

3 thoughts on “My Story by Tuf-Fee Stakes ake Toughy, Tuffykins and a bunch of other endearments

  1. Thanks so much for submitting this Gloria (or should I say Tuf-Fee). We haven’t had anyone as yet go through all three types of procedures – laser surgery, the gentamicin injections and now enucleation surgery so it was really good to hear your experience.

    My dog had laser surgery but we left it a little late so it didn’t take but as you already know even if it is done, it is not always effective. It seems the glaucoma always wins out in the end.

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