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Mr BearHi I have a mastiff his name is Mr Bear. He’s 150 pounds and the biggest sweetest lap dog ever!! He’s mommy’s baby no doubt and yes he’s way too spoiled but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

About 2 months ago I noticed his eyes were both swollen one morning so I immediately called my mobile vet cause he will not get out of the truck when I take him out cause he’s a big ol baby.

Mr BearSo my vet came and he had a scratched cornea most likely from my boxer his BFF in the whole world. She’s very hyper and stays on top of him always. So after 2 months of eye meds it did not get better his eye turned to what looks like a marble green and blue and cloudy and I realized he couldn’t see in that eye. So my vet recommended me to an eye dr and confirmed he has advanced stage of glaucoma and pigmentary uveitis which means his eye is way past saving and needs to be removed.

So sadly enough that’s what will happen but me and his daddy want to give him the recommended eye drops to relieve his eye pressure and inflammation and any pain for couple weeks till we decide a date on the surgery.

Mr Bear with mumOne good thing is he’s already adapted to one eye so that will make things a Lil easier. I’m just really scared to see him after surgery. I know I’m gonna freak out on the way he looks but obviously I know it’s best and has to happen just not looking forward to that day. We had to put down 2 dogs 4 years ago and it was horrible we still can’t talk bout it. I just want my mr bear to be ok

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  1. I’m so sorry this has happened to Mr. Bear. He looks like quite a sweetheart. Please don’t wait too long for the surgery – if it’s the glaucoma that’s caused the blindness, then the drops probably aren’t bringing down the pressure significantly. If he mopes around, is more inactive than usual, or paws the eye or his head, it hurts and is best to get it over with. He won’t look too good for a few weeks, but he’ll still be your baby and he’ll rebound. Good luck to you both.

    1. Thank u and I am goin to call and make his appt tomorrow hopefully get him in ASAP I’m ready to get it over and get him comfortable again

  2. it is very painful to see you baby right after surgery. But you will be surprised how quickly you adapt. My little Zeeva had first one eye removed then the second. She had a complication with the first eye removal so when she had the second one removed they had to redo the first one. So let me tell you that was very difficult to see with both eyes sewed up!! BUT! You get through it. Your love for them over comes and you are just so happy they are out of pain! My girl is amazing with no eyes! We got her a seeing eye pal and of the two she is the leader! When we go for walks she leads the way! Even in places she has never been! She is the leader! We travel all the time people never even know she don’t have eyes till we say something and they get a close look! You will quickly adjust when you finally realize your baby is happy and just fine!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your boy! My own dog, Phil, a shepherd/chow mix, had his eye removed last April due to glaucoma. It is scary seeing them after surgery, the eye area is shaved and Phil’s was oozing blood and fluid which the doctor said was normal, and that it would do that for a few days, maybe a week. The hardest part for me was knowing how much pain he was in. I am just telling this so you are prepared.. the doctors should give you pain meds for him and make sure you give them on time! When I brought Phil home I just laid in bed with him to get him to rest. He would whine for a little and then fall asleep. Honestly, that first day, I regretted the surgery. I felt so horrible for causing him pain, I cried and told him I would never make him have surgery again! But after barely 3 weeks, he was like a whole new dog, with more energy than ever before! He is so much happier now that he is free from the pain. It really is incredible. And you are doing the right thing, I promise!

    1. Aw that’s sweet and sad I’m Def not looking forward to it even tho its best for him I just know I’m gonna b really upset but I know we will get thru it I will b right there on top of him thanks for ur story

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