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MaxMy boxer Max had injured his cornea a few months ago. With an e-collar and aggressive with antibiotics, about 3 weeks later, it looked really good and vet said he was very impressed.

We didn’t go to the opthalmologist because of the cost. Well, about a week ago, I noticed Max’s eye was discharging a little. I put the collar back on him and started the antibiotics again, and made an appointment at the vet.

Night before our appt., He was sleeping, woke up and started to yelp and cry. His eye was starting to rupture. Went to the emergency vet, and they confirmed, his eye was going to have to be removed. Iys scheduled for this Friday (2 days from now), and I have to admit, I’m really nervous. Not because how it will look. Hell always be my handsome boy no matter what! But just afraid that he’ll act different.

I’m sure everything will go well, but he’s like my child, and I just worry!

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  1. My Boston Keono needs the same surgery, he will get it in about a week. The steriod drops are stinging him and he turn his back on me now. So I am going to have the injured blind eye removed. I am praying he will be okay. hope your dog is ok now.

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