My Izzy girl

blind dogHi. It seems like the last few weeks have been a like whirlwind and I’m not sure how we even got here.

My name is Cathy, my husband is Ed. We share our lives with our fur kids Sam and Fuzz our cats and Izzy our little Schnoodle ( poodle/ schnauzer cross).

Izzy just turned 9 years old. She was in great health with the exception of being a bit overweight. Every thing seemed to happen so fast.

My dear mom lived with Ed and I for the last 3 years. She was elderly and was declining in health. She passed away at home with the help of palliative care on Oct. 1. Izzy and her cat siblings were a great source of comfort to my mom. For the last month my mom was alive there was so much going on with home support and nursing that Izzy seemed to withdraw.

blind dogRight after my moms funeral she got worse and we were in the vet finding out that Izzy had pancreatitis. She was really ill for a week or so and we almost lost her. She bounced back from this faster then I could imagine but the pancreatitis caused such damage that she developed diabetes. She started on insulin twice daily. During this time we bought and moved to a new home at the beginning of Dec.

Izzy has been fantastic handling all the changes in her life. She was just starting to stabilize and her blood sugars were under control. I knew that she was at risk for cataracts but the vet had said at every visit that her eyes were pretty clear. That changed over a course of 2 days last week.

blind dogOvernight her eyes clouded up visibly and she was almost blind. Our vet ( and since then the vet. Opthomologist ) have told us that sudden onset cataracts with diabetic dogs is not that uncommon. Izzy has no sight in her right eye and over the last few days it seems she has very little in her left.

She saw the vet yesterday and he confirmed she probably only sees faint shadows in that eye. It is worse this am.

I am heartbroken. Izzy is the sweetest dog and even now just wants to please us. I’ve stayed up reading most nights to see how I can help her. She is adapting quite well…better then me. She seems confused as to what is happening but still wags her tail and wants to play. There is so much I need to find out about how to help her through this. I was so thankful to have found this site and look forward to “meeting” others going through this with their beloved pets. Thanks

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