My girl Pinkie

I am new to this group and hope to obtain some suggestions to help me with my puppy. She is a corgi, 7 weeks old. Her eyes failed to open when the other puppies eyes opened. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with microphthalmia, a disease in which the eyes are either very small or nonexistent .

It has been suggested that I should have her put to sleep but I cannot do that. I believe this sweet puppy should have a chance. I have been doing research but have not found much helpful information. For example, I have no idea how to potty train her or train her to walk on a leash.

I have both of her parents, who I show In AKC Conformation as well as an older pet corgi girl. I had not planned to keep a puppy, and all other puppies had homes before they were even born. But she is my responsibility and I love her and want to do my best for her. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you in advance!

If you have a blind dog and would like to communicate with me on fb I would appreciate it.
Cita Pickett

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