My dog lost an eye – Need advice

blind dog, dog fightRecently my dog got into a fight with another dog and she had her eye ripped from her head and the vet was unable to save it. she has now had her left eye stitched shut, the pupil in her other eye is still fully dilated and the vet said it was because of the drugs they gave her. After 3 days it is still the same so i took her back and he said there could be damage to the optic nerve due to stretching, she still has some vision but probably only 30% he said it could completely heal or get bit better or stay the same. he didn’t exactly give me any god new.

Just want to know if anyone has had this happen to there dog and did there vision return. she is only 8months old and is a beautiful pup. She was getting really good with her coordination but now this has happened and i am absolutely gutted….

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  1. My Rosie lost her vision suddenly when she was only a little over a year (her story is published in this site) and for other reasons but I, too, was gut wrenched and so uncertain. She had both eyes removed to eliminate pain and now, only a couple of months later, she is so back to Rosie. I followed a lot of advice from this site and wow! it was worth it. Your baby will adjust with or without sight and you will too! Dogs are phenomenal and are truly our best friends. I’d say good luck but you and Louie don’t need luck just trust. Best wishes to you both, Peggy Sue

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