My dog is blind!

I have a 10.5 year old cocker spaniel who was diagnosed with Glaucoma last July 2014. It was her left eye and by the time we realized it, she was blind pretty quickly.

We have been treating her good eye with Timolol drops since August to hopefully prevent her right eye from being affected. However, over the holidays her eye started getting red.

We went to the vet Monday January 4th for a pressure check and her right eye was great, holding around 12-14. However that Friday morning she woke up completely blind.

We just went to a specialist today and her right eye is responding to the medications but her left eye is not and they want to either remove the eye or we can try a procedure where they inject an antibiotic into the eye and try to decrease the pressure. It is cheaper than removing the eye but 85% effective. Has anyone tried the antibiotic injection? Is it worth it to try or should we just get the eye removed. My dog is getting aggressive with all the drops being put in her eye and I just don’t know what to do………

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  1. My experience of the injection is based on what other users have gone through on this site. So far, what I have seen is that the injection does not always work and sometimes the eye needs to be injected again. And in many cases, the eye has to be removed eventually anyway.

    The injection also causes the eye to shrink.

    I would ask the specialist what is the success rate of the injection and how many dogs have to have a second or third injection and how many end up having to have the eye removed anyway.

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