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alonzoAlonzo is a 13 yr old Schnoodle. Alonzo loves being outside. We have an invisible fence system. Unfortunately Alonzo has run out into woods many times chasing after creatures he sees in the woods on our property. He has injured his one eye repeatedly over last couple of years.

I have been able to manage with topical eye ointments. Usually the inflammation resolves in a day or so of treatment. 2 months ago the inflammation was not healing. I took Alonzo to the vet . He was treated with eye drops for 2 courses with no success. My vet said it may never really look better.

I then took Alonzo to an eye specialist. He was diagnosed with glaucoma in his right eye, the eye which was repeatedly injured. Pressure was 75 mmHg. After drops eye pressure was 14. Vet said Alonzo was blind in that right eye.

I am concerned about the side effects of the eye drops. Vet said they can affect bone marrow and kidney function. Alonzo started drops 4 days ago and although eye looks better I find him rubbing his eye with paws and he rubs it on his bed as well. He appears to me to be more uncomfortable since starting drops. He is having more issues with sight. He is afraid to go down steps. I carry him because a couple of months ago he hurt himself hitting steps and was lame for week or so.

We saw another vet to discuss removal of eye. I am conflicted about medical and or surgical management for Alonzo. He is scheduled for eye removal surgery in 4 days. I just want to know that this is the right decision for Alonzo. Are there other options I should consider. He just isn’t himself since starting drops. Please inform me if other options available. How would I know if pressure is increasing if I stop meds? Cloudy? Increase eye size?

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  1. If he is blind in that eye then yes, you are doing the right thing. The only reason to keep the eye would be to make him look normal but when it comes to glaucoma, you can’t be thinking of looks because dogs with glaucoma are pretty much in pain most of the time. So getting the eye removed is the best thing you can do for him at this point.

    I hope you can keep us updated to let us know how the operation goes.

  2. My granddog had cataract surgery, then came glaucoma. Had left eye removed due to pressure. A year later, we had to have the other eye removed also because of pressure. They say high pressures cause migraines. He was a big “ball” dog, so sad. He’s somewhat adjusted, it’s harder for us. He was on 2 different drops, 3Xday plus pills. He’s also diabetic and gets 2 injections a day. You are making the correct decision. He will adjust, it qill be harder on you. Our baby is 10,, Good luck!

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