My beautiful boy Drake

DrakeMy 10 1/2 year old Weimaraner, Drake, is schedule to have his right eye removed Thursday morning. A fast-approaching 1 1/2 days away. I’m beside myself. A few weeks ago I noticed some redness around his eye and squinting. Two days later we were at our vet with a diagnosis of ‘simple’ conjunctivitis and we were sent on our way with a steroid ointment. After three additional vet visits due to lack-of-improvement (and worsening to be honest) we were referred to an opthemologist.

At the initial visit, his prognosis seemed promising but VERY quickly changed. The opthemologist said Drake had severe inflammation in his right eye with a pressure of 18 – not cause for much concern…except for the degree of inflammation which should have drastically decreased the pressure apparently. Overnight my boy lost his sight and the visual makeup of an eye. He woke up obviously blind and with what appeared to be a blue marble. A recheck confirmed blindness in the eye and he also said there was bleeding within the eye. The pressure had increased to 43 in a 10 day period with multiple doses of drops to try and control it. Obviously, the eye is super angry.

I wish I could say this road bump is the first we’ve encountered. Sadly, Drake had a melanoma spot on his back and two mast cell tumors removed last year. These cancers have been treated (surgically with clean margins and the melanoma vaccine) and we regularly have rechecks with our oncologist to ensure the melamoma hasn’t metatisized internally. We’ve overcome major hurdles, but considering his history the opthemologist recommended removal of the eye. Without knowing the cause of the fast acting secondary glaucoma (possible tumor in eye) that seems to be our best bet.

I just can’t come to terms with this. I can’t picture my boy with his eye gone and stitched up. I know it’s causing him pain and he already lost sight so OF COURSE I will do anything to keep him happy, healthy, comfortable and alive. I guess I’m just looking for reassurance that this is the best option for Drake. He’s so not himself since the onset of all this. Very lethargic, decreased appetite, just overall depressed. I should also add all his bloodwork came back normal so hopefully if this is a localized tumor, it’s benign and nothing has spread from his melamoma. Thank you for any input, advice or support.

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  1. I’m so sorry this is happening to Drake – he looks like a real sweetheart and you have all been put through the mill with his other medical problems. In July, I felt exactly the same way you did (mine had already had one eye removed a couple of years prior, but had always been blind in that eye, anyway), because glaucoma finally claimed her sight in the remaining eye, so believe me when I say I empathize. I know it’s hard to take, but glaucoma really gives no options with dogs, because it’s very painful, unlike in human beings. As Paula says, the pain and sudden blindness probably accounts for Drake’s temperament changes, but removal of the eye will resolve the pain issue and in time, Drake will adjust to the blindness, too, hard as that is to believe now.

    Take a look at the blind dog group on Yahoo ( and you’ll get lots of help and good information for coping with this and helping Drake to cope, too, from the many, many of us who have gone down this road before you. I know I did.

  2. Thank you, Paula and Diana for your comments. Drake’s surgery went well and the anxiety I was experiencing regarding seeing him for the first time was put to rest the second he was brought to me. He’s still somewhat ‘down’ but no where near the degree pre-surgery. Everyday I’m noticing an improvement. I feel much better about the decision to remove the eye. Pathology reports should be back by Tuesday or Wednesday – so we’re just praying for good news. I’m totally used to seeing him without his eye already and he looks as beautiful as ever. Hopefully this will allow my boy to live out the rest of his life pain free and happy – our ultimate goal.

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