My baby girl is losing an eye

BearseeAs I write this my baby girl Bearsee a 4 1/2 year old Siberian Husky is having her left eye removed and prosthesis eye put inside her old eye. She has been battling glaucoma now for 2 months in her left eye due to uveitis and we have been using 3 different eye drops in her left eye and the pressure has been staying over 40 and her eye is now blind.

My wife and I don’t have kids and bearsee is our baby girl and we love her very much and this has been one of the worst decision we have ever had to make. Last night she was in a lot of pain and she hasn’t been wanting to eat and she hasn’t been her normal self for a few weeks.

BearseeWe finally made the decision to have her eye removed to stop the pain. We convinced our selfs this was for the best but we feel terrible like we have failed her as parents. All we can do is cry, she is 2 hours away at the animal hospital. We just miss our girl she has never spent a night away from us since we got her at 3 months old. I just hope and pray that this stops the pain and she will be ok. The house just don’t feel the same without her. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Hi there.
    My jack Russell has had both eyes removed due to glaucoma.
    It was a very stressful time for our family and was heartbreaking to see our dog in the state of pain he was in, prior to having them removed.
    It’s now been about 3 months since he had his operation, and it was the best thing we could of done for him. He is so much happier now and is doing great. I’m sure your dog will be much happier after having his eye removed. He won’t be in any pain anymore. Good luck with bearsee.

  2. My puppy who is barely 19 weeks old had his eye removed today.
    I feel absolutely terrible about it, but it was getting far too big to keep in his eye. Not because of pain or anything, just fear that if it got any bigger it would bust his eye socket open… Creating irreversible damage…
    Trust me, you’ll love your pup even more. 🙂

  3. Even as a vet tech, I battled the decision to have my girl’s right eye removed when she developed glaucoma from her cataract that also could not be controlled by the drops. No, the recovery was not that difficult for her and yes, she feels so much better without that pesky eye! Good luck with your girl!!! She will be so thankful that you’ve made this decision for her!

  4. I feel for you, as I’m headed down that path right now with the remaining eye my Cocker Spaniel has. The eight-eyedrops-per-day regime is difficult at time, but I’d do it for the rest of her life if it preserved her sight. Sadly, she’s already had two episodes of sudden-onset blindness this year, reversed by quick action, but that can’t go on forever.

    You have to let yourselves grieve, but understand, as others on this forum have said many times, the dog will adjust, probably better than you will, and you will at least know she’s pain-free.

  5. Paula – Hang in there, sweetie, and your Bearsee will be home soon and feeling better. I know how tough the decision for enucleation is, as I had to make it myself. My little girl just came home from the hospital today after having both eyes removed. She’s already been blind for a year, but was in pain. I decided sightless eyes weren’t helping her, but hurting her with actual pain, so the choice became easier.

    One thing that helped me while my girl was in the hospital (7 days) was that one of the vet techs took digital photos for me so I could get used to seeing her with the incisions before she was released to come home. That kept me from crying when I saw her, and she was obviously overjoyed when she heard and smelled my son and me today that she was almost beside herself, wagging her cropped tail as fast as it would go. They had been telling me she acted as though she felt better even post-surgery, so I feel that I made the right decision.

    I hope Bearsee recuperates quickly and completely. From what I’ve read, dogs that lose only one eye adjust very quickly. Good luck!


    1. Would just like to say it’s been a week now and bearsee is doing very well. She is eating again and seems to be happier now that she isn’t in pain anymore. The prosticess eye is doing ok so far now that the swelling is going down and now the blood vessels are starting to grow over the eye. It’s nice that it moves with the other eye and it blinks. I know it’s just for my satisfaction not hers, But I like that it still looks like an eye. Thanks for everyone’s support I have to say this has been a tuff time to see her go through all of this. It all started suddenly, one day she was fine then overnight she started having problems with her eye. It’s tuff since she is still fairly young and I hope we can keep her good eye healthy. Again thanks for all your support it really helps hearing everyone’s story about your experiences with this kind of situations.

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