My beautiful jack Russell is having her eye removed tomorrow. She went suddenly completely blind in her seeing eye a week ago. She has had lense luxation and now glaucoma.

I’ve been tortured at the thought of not looking into her beautiful eyes and how she will cope with blindness . In one week she is playing with her ball going up and down the stairs, getting through the dog flap to go outside, rolling around on her back.

She has learned to navigate around the house in no time. Blindness is no issue now. I’m just scared about losing her beautiful eye and eventually the other. She is a warrior and still herself and hilarious, clever and strong.

Anyone faced with blindness in their dog don’t worry! They adapt so quickly. I’ve had advice to put her down from some friends. This is a load of rubbish. Dogs are so resilient. She continues to be is a very happy dog without her sight. Wish her luck tomorrow

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