My English springer spaniel went blind over Christmas. Test for cushings was negative so we think it is sards. I found the initial diagnosis very hard to cope with but she seems to cope well and it’s important to remember she is a dog not a human. Of course we have padded everything and are over spoiling her but that is a normal reaction. She is nearly 12 so had slowed down quite a bit. Sleeps more but still enjoys her walk dinner fuss and still barks like a good guard dog when anyone goes to gate. It’s not easy but you have to be positive and remember a lot of dogs will not be looked after as well as your little darling

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  1. Our dog was recently diagnosed with SARDS and lost her sight very rapidly. It’s been very hard watching her try to cope. Any suggestions to help? Some days seem better than others. I’ve been reading everything I can find about helping her to cope. Thanks!

    1. Have you read the book Living with Blind Dogs? It is worth a read if your dog has SARDs. Go to the Resources page on this site and scroll down to the books section and you will find a link to the book.

      Resources Page –>

      1. My 10 JRT doesn’t have sards although he was at first diagnosed with that. We tried steroids and received vision back after 4 days. But what he does have is optic neuritis. Total blind at this point after year and half of fighting it with steroids but too much damage to his body. This is very difficult living as a blind family basically. Lots of tarts no doubt.

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