blind dogThank you so much for the support group that has helped me so profoundly in making a decision that was so hard to make. I was notified recently that my dad’s 10 year old cockerpoo Molly had some issues with her eye turning white. little had I known by first sight what was really going on. After a visit to the vet and then an opthomologist, a confirmation that glaucoma was the cause of her condition and she was indeed blind in her right eye.

They also noted how painful it was for her. After a long bit of consideration, I finally concluded that removing her eye was the best choice. I have to admit I was terrified. It wasn’t so beautiful to see after the surgery, but low and behold the afternoon that I picked her up she was nothing but excited and playful and happy. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She has done so extremely well and acts like nothing had happened. I am so happy now and glad it all went so well. Again thank you for all the insight from all who shares this site.

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