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glaucoma - blind dogI noticed that my dog Diesel was squinting a lot in her left eye. Also it was red around her eyelid in her left eye. I also noticed compared to get right eye it was black in colour. Not like her right eye that was normal. Also it glowed like a cat’s eye when light shined into it. I noticed she was rubbing at her eye also.

So i booked her into see the vet that day. I was told that Diesel had Glaucoma & that the best option was to have her eye removed. As it can’t be treated in dog’s like it can in humans. It was so upsetting to learn this news & that my dog was blind in her left eye. I am due to go back to the vet to arrange to have her eye removed.

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  1. I would love to hear if the surgery has been scheduled and how your dog, Diesel, did with the surgery and after-care. Our little ones can just break our hearts. My little 9-year old shih-Tzu was diagnosed today with glaucoma in his left eye. He is actually already blind in both eyes. He had surgery 2 years ago to repair a detachment in the left retina – we were trying to save the sight in that eye, but have not been successful. The right retina was already detached, so he was already blind in the right eye. He maintained his vision in the left eye for about a year after the retina surgery. Then, he started developing ulcers and eventually cataracts, despite the constant/continual care/medications which we had to give to him. The cataracts could not be repaired, and he started to lose his sight in the left eye. Now, about a year later, he has glaucoma in his left eye. For now, they have prescribed drops to help control the pressure in the eye, but I am afraid we may also have to consider removal of the left eye and/or both eyes. Our little guy has been through so much over the past 2 years, and I just don’t want him to be in pain. I know he is tired of the constant medications – eye cream, drops, etc., and I’m tired of making him endure this. Please let me know how the surgery goes and the post-operative care, as this also concerns me. I do truly wish your little one the best and hope that she has some vision in her right eye and will do well with her surgery and after-care.

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