Mickeys gone blind

MickeyOur 14 year old pom mix, has diabetes and cushings disease.. went to the vet today and Mickey is now blind.

I am so not sure how to help him cope. He is our best friend. He loves to go outside and follow us around, or chase squirrels up the tree. Now I am so afraid he is going to run into a bush or fall down stairs or something worse to hurt himself more. He lays around the house and bumps into things. He seems to find comfort always near my feet. I try not to move things around, like his water dish and food dish will remain in the same spot.

He will likely cope better then I will, but I want to do my best to protect him. Looking for ideas to help us both adjust..the picture of three dogs.. black one Josie passed away a month ago at age 16, Mickey is in the middle and our 4 year old shitzu is buttons.

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  1. Our Gabby went blind a year ago due to Glaucoma. We were devestated. She had one eye removed and still has one with no sight. She is 10 and very independent. She does like to be near us. We have used scents in areas. We talk to her all the time. She knows her right from left. She has learned stop, back up and step. We say whether up or down. She has learned. I snap my finger. Plus in crowds I have a bear bell which helps her find me. Her nose has gotten much better the longer she is blind. She was my girl that loved to see everything so sometimes it feels like somebody hit me in my stomach. I guess what I’m saying love him and spend more time with him. Talk to him a lot. My Gabby touches her nose on us. Often she likes my hand on her. It definitely is not the same so he will just have a new normal. Keep him busy so he doesn’t get depressed. Good luck I know it’s sad but he still loves you. Just make sure he is out of pain. Good luck.

  2. Dogs are incredibly sensitive to the moods of their humans (what a shame we don’t reciprocate!), so if you are devastated he will be too. Stay positive, keep as far as possible to your normal routine and he will adapt. don’t rearrange your furniture every five minutes and try to keep the floor clear of shoes etc ( this was really hard for us as we’re so untidy). We have also used scents (lavender on beds, citronella in areas of danger eg top of the stairs, fennel for doorways) and bells, though on the dog so we know she is still with us on walks (she follows us now). Good luck.

  3. We adopted our Honey who is blind and about 8/9 years old, the shelter wasn’t sure because she was picked up as a stray, a little over a year ago. When we got her home there were a few bumps into walls and furniture but she has now mapped out the house and is doing fine. She know up and down, left and right, stay. She is the best little dog ever and we’re so glad she came into our lives. She lives up to her name! DON’t BE AFRAID TO ADOPT A SPECIAL NEEDS DOG! What you get in return is priceless!!!

  4. Our dog Sadie is blind, diabetic and thirteen years old. She has been blind for over two years and finds her way around outside and inside good. I went and bought a little bell and put them on a elastic band and wrapped them around her toy, so when I rattle it she can find it. In the winter time I make one long path against the garage for her to go to the bathroom, she now uses that path along the garage every time to get back to the house. At first all I did was cry when she was going blind and that just upset her more, so as soon as I started letting her know I was okay, she was happy once again, they really do sense your moods. Any questions please let us know and we can help you along the way

  5. All of this Information is very reassuring to read…
    Our Charlie is a Maltese zchitztu mix. He is about to turn 8 and he was diagnosed a few months ago with diabetes and cushings disease.
    He is going blind. It has been devasting to our family to watch him lose his sight.
    I have a feeling Charlie is dealing with his blindness better than we are.

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