Marlas story

Marla is a miniature poodle 2004.le. She was rescued from a puppy mill in Ky. She was barely alive, she had been caged for 6 years as a breeder dog.

I saw her story in our newspaper and when I saw her picture with her tongue hanging out due to teeth removal I knew I had to have her. I filled out the app. had home visits and was approved! She has been the sweetest little girl but now has gone blind and deaf and now her right eye has glaucoma and is going to be removed tomorrow. She is almost 18 years old but is spunky except for her eye.

I was so nervous until I read the many inspiring stories on the blog. I know there is a chance she wont make it through the surgery but she cant live with the eye as it is so otherwise would have to be euthanized. So I’m going to give her that chance to be here for a few more years I hope.

I have 5 dogs all rescues who have been delights to own. From 2 sassy Chihuahuas one 16 and one 3 years old. And 2 Dachshunds mixed. I will be updating tomorrow on Marla’s condition, wish her luck she is s sweetheart!

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  1. Oh please let us know how Marla is doing. I do hope she did fine with the surgery. My Minature Schnauzer Is blind and is 13 years old but he doesn’t want to remove her eyes because of any underlying medical issues. She seems to be doing OK with the eye drops and her pressure is way down. The opthomologist seems to think her own body is taking care of the eyes so she won’t have to have the injections either.

    Hope to hear good news.

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