We’ve just been to the eye specialist who recommended that our little Maggie have both eyes removed. My wife and I are devastated. The last few days have been very difficult for us. I stumbled upon this site in hopes of getting some strength from the common experiences of other dog owners.

I will visit here as often as possible as we try to work our way through this experience.
Thank you everyone.

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  1. my little dog went totally blind in mid July. I was so upset as well. She was confused and anxious for a few weeks, but with lots of reassurance and constant supervision she is doing really well. We blocked off dangerous edges in the garden, moved her food and water to an easier access, no steps, and use my easy chair as home base so she always has a way to orient herself. She follows me around the house and garden so I have to always talk to her or slap my hands, but it works. Don’t worry; your baby will adjust. It just takes time and lots of extra care and reassurance.

  2. I’m so sorry for your pain. My baby (12+ yrs) went completely blind about 9 months ago. For weeks I was just devastated and felt like I was grieving her even though she’s not dying. I felt guilty for not having been more aware, and for feeling sorry for myself which does not help her.
    I’ve since been reading a lot, and I just want to say that the many stories I’ve read of people who have had their dog’s eyes removed all share one thing – a huge improvement in quality of life for the dog. I too find it horrifying to think about, but I will have no hesitation if I have to make that choice. Also, as I wrote on a similar post, I think it helps to remind yourself that much of the fear we might feel is more based on how we might experience this. Your dog, on the other hand, has none of the worries about appearance, self-esteem or social stigma. They will be free of possibly horrible pain, they will adjust (much faster than us) to getting around and they’ll settle back into enjoying their walks, plushies, treats, and most of all your love and snuggles!
    Please stay strong and do the best you can, and know your best friend will know you’re there for them too.

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