LucasLucas has always been a playful dog full of life. On Sunday I went out and I left Lucas home he has a doggie door so he can come in and out when ever he pleases. When I came home on Sunday afternoon I couldn’t believe what I saw! Lucas had been bitten by another dog he was covered in blood and his right eye was almost out of its socket.

I took him to a vet where the drained his neck because it was full of liquid and then he said he would see about the eye. I left him there because it was the only vet that was willing to see me on Sunday. I was so scared for his life!

I then took Lucas to his regular vet and said his eye was damaged beyond repair and they had to do and enucleation. I was devastated another surgery for Lucas and he would lose his right eye. I can’t help but cry when I talk about it or sometimes when I see him. I am calm when I’m around him but it is very hard to see him he used to have long hair and now he is shaved completely and he doesn’t have his eye. I really love Lucas and I’m scared that he is not going to fully recover and he is going to have a hard time adjusting.

Does anyone have any tips for me or Lucas?

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  1. I’m very sorry about Lucas. I pray everything goes well . I’m a pet lover also . I have 2 of my own . They are Shih Tzus and they are so loving to me and everyone else. But they have problems of there own with the eyes. My CJ just had one of his eyes take out I thought how am I gonna take care of him and how would that eye look when they were finished with surgery . I was not told you wouldn’t see it at all. I thought I would see the eye socket but that wasn’t the way it was. I now think he is still cute as a button. I found out all you can do for pet is be there and help out the best you can . He may not be as fit as before but love him the same way you did before .If you love him then this tragic will bring you closer to him and do the best you can to bring normal back as best as you can . Please when you are not home lock the puppy door . You might have that same dog looking to take another try at Lucas. Please let me know how things are going.

  2. Oh yes, your little boy will be as he once was. You ask how can she say this ? I have a #13 year old Shitzu named Poco. He had only one eye when I adopted him over #12 years ago. Then three winters back I was taking him down my front steps with Bella and she yanked my arm . he fell , hit his good eye on the step and he was blind from that point on. Lucas still has the use of one eye, and that is very good ! As far as his beautiful coat, that will grow back. I am SO very glad that he was not permanently damaged or hurt in some way that could not be repaired. He is a very pretty little man, love him and feed him the foods he likes , give him kisses and be grateful that he is still with you. Sincerely, Cynthia

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