Love, Chicken Broth and Compassion

Mr CharlesMr. Charles, the world’s most amazing weenie dog, started having seizures a few weeks ago and within days he was hospitalized and we went through every possible test and after learning that he was dying in a cage urinating in a diaper, we went to the hospital to bring him home to die with dignity. The specialists told us, “Sometimes we just don’t know what’s wrong. Some cases are too difficult.”

And so I cradled my best buddy in the world in my arms, while his body writhed in constant seizures, with no idea if he even knew I was holding him, I brought him home…held him close…fed him chicken broth. That was pretty much all I had to offer.

Love and chicken broth.

He drank it greedily. Good. That was a sign that he wanted to live. And bit by bit over the next three days he improved enough to where he could stand on his own for just a few seconds. It was a start.

Mr CharlesOver the next four weeks, he can now walk, find the water dish, and even run in the yard. All of the symptoms seem to have gone away, except he is almost completely visually impaired. He has extreme left peripheral vision only in his left eye. He has to constantly turn circles to navigate his way. A majority of the time he is simply lost. Pressed up against a wall.

We are learning to navigate this together. Often more than not, he teaches me. But yeah…it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s a little depressing but then I think what it must be like for him, my little buddy. No one to explain to him why the world has gone dark. But he is still the same old little adorable guy and I’m the same crazy person I was the day before. Give us time and I’m sure we will adjust fine.

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