imageSix days ago for my bday I rescued a 7 year old Pekingese named Louie. Louie already had one eye gone, being in a rescue shelter I don’t know a lot of his history. It was love at first sight for me, I knew he was family instantly!

I noticed when I first went to pick him up from shelter he had a clear like mucous coating on his eye, a few days later it got worse and changed color, off to the vet asap for us…. I found out that Louie had an ulcer on eye and was referred to a specialist, it was confirmed Louie has a melting ulcer that’s reached the last layer 🙁 , doc gave me 2 options grafting or aggressive meds. So here I am 6 different eye drops later and applying every 2 hours… Specialist wasn’t really confident in either option, but wanted to give it a shot, I’m thinking most likely Louie will lose this eye too:(

I welcome any tips/advice , I’m new to this. It’s only been 6 short days with Louie in my life, but the love I feel seems like a life time, I’m in this to give him the best life I can. Reading some stories and info on this site has def been comforting! Here’s to Louie having a loving happy life and fur-ever home!

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  1. I am going through the same thing with my dog Lucy and scheduled surgery for 5/26 and very nervous but this website is also comforting to me hearing other peoples stories. Thank you for rescuing your sweet boy. Good luck Louie with your eye.

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