Little Petie

petieLittle Petie is a miniature Schnauzer that went completely blind overnight in Feb 2016. He is 13 years old. We tried the lens replacement surgery since it worked on a rescue we had two years ago. Unfortunately the surgery did not work since there was too much damage.

petie-in-the-grassHe has diabetes and is on insulin, the Doctors think he got a bad batch of insulin which caused his blindness. Like all dogs he is adapting great but is depressed.

To make matters worse we had to put down his 16 year old brother recently. He and his brother were inseparable and were always side by side. So we are trying to give him more walks and attention to cheer him up. We are considering get him another companion but unsure do to his blindness and age.


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  1. Wow your story sounds so much like mine. I too have a 13 year old Minature Schnauzer. She went totally blind in June almost over night too with cataracts and glaucoma. We have been battling the pressure with drops and are see an opthomologist for the past two months. Pressure started going way down and now it’s back up. I am taking her in tomorrow for the gentimicin injection in the worst eye to stop the production of fluid in the eye. Because of her age he doesn’t want to remove her eyes so I am hoping this helps. May have to do the other one too. She too is adapting but sometimes she seems depressed too. Not sure if it’s the pressure or not. So far so good on the diabetes and we just recently had another test. So scary to know what to do as she is in great shape otherwise. Good luck with yours too. They are such sweet little dogs.

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