Little Dog with a Big Heart

My-little-boyI was looking for a companion dog for my Lhasa Apso, and went on the Paws web site for a rescue dog, I didn’t have any money, and could not afford the adoption fees. So, I checked the classified adds on the web site, and found a women selling her Chihuahua for $50.00. I fell in love at first site. I drove 53 miles to check him out, know I would probably take him. I only had $20.00 on me.

Blind Dog - Chihuahua

I entered the home, and didn’t talk, look, or touch him. While sitting on the couch, he came up to me, and smelled me, and layed next to me. The woman was surprised, he did not do that with the other poeple that checked him out. I asked her why was she getting rid of him, and she told me she had 4 children, and could not give him the time he craved. I told her I only had $20.00 on me, and that I wanted him. She said she wanted him to go to a good home. He was 2 when I got him on the wonderful day.

About 6 months later, I noticed that his right eye looked funny when it hit the light. I did not even think of

Chihuahua - Cataracts

cataracts, because he was so young. Soon I knew, the eye started to take on a blue look. I took him to the vet, and they told me he had a cataract. I looked into Vets that specialized in eye care. She told me that the left eye had the beginnings of a cataract also. She told me about the surgery that was very expensive, and the rest of his life care that he would need. I could not afford any of that, and could I put him through the trauma that would go along with that. No, so we cried and I still cry when I see him, but I love him with all of my heart. He hangs with me all day,(as I am on Social Security) and is my little buddy.

I know the women that gave him up knew he had this early onset, and with 4 kids, maybe she couldn’t or didn’t want to take the time. That is ok, because she missed out on the sweetest thing that came into my life, and I thank God everyday for that. Marco’s is almost blind, but I think he see’s shadows, he can still see a critter run in front of him, and he wants to chase them, but he is happy, healthy and loved.

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  1. He’s such a cutie.

    I found this site that speaks about treating cataracts naturally. It might be worth a look but do your homework first.

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