Kodie’s Recovery

KodieKodie was diagnosed with Glaucoma in July 2012. He was fine before we went to dinner one night. Came home two hours later and he couldn’t hardly open his eye.

We were shocked and devastated when we received the diagnosis. He was put on 3 types of eye drops and 1 pill. The medicine kept his pressure down but, the damage was already done in his left eye.

He completely lost vision in his left eye by November. By January his pressure was still staying down, but the inflammation in that eye was getting worse. We increased his drops for the inflammation.

We scheduled eye removal surgery of his left eye on March 27th. We are all glad it is over. The first week he slept quite a lot. Our Vet recommended we take him for a walk every couple hours and then let him sleep. We have not left him since his surgery. He is getting very used to us taking him for walks. Now he is feeling better, he lets us know when it is time for his walk. I know he is feeling better because today he got my shoe and wanted me to chase him. That is his favorite game. Get something in my mouth so they chase me. It made my day today.Kodie

I am posting a couple pictures. The first picture has dried blood running down his face. He didn’t bleed at all during the surgery the Vet said. We only had him home for an hour and he started bleeding. We took him back to the Vet and he stayed for a couple days. He was grouchy and wouldn’t let the Vet clean up the dried blood. I hope these pictures help to prepare someone. I can’t imagine going through this without the wonderful people in this group. I looked at the pictures posted numerous times before Kodie’s surgery trying to prepare me for what he was going to look like. I hope that Kodie and I can help someone else.

5 thoughts on “Kodie’s Recovery

  1. Debbie! I am so glad to hear that he’s encouraging you to play with him now. He had his down time and now he’s on the mend! Great news my friend!! If he wants to play he must be feeling better.
    He looks good…despite all this….he looks good Debbie! And, if he looks good now he will look wonderful in a month. He’s a lovely dog, and you guys are lucky to have eachother! 🙂

  2. It is great Kodie is bouncing back- they are so resilient! He will respond just to love and care- the best medicine. There are times I feel sorry for My tina but then she does something that shows me she is content with her life and our love!

  3. Debbie, thanks for sharing the picture. I have an idea of what Sasha will look like on Monday. I’m thinking that no matter how prepared I get, I think I’ll still be a little freaked. Anyway, I absolutely laughed when Kodie wanted to play chase the doggie. The beauty of huskies, throw the toy then you chase them. Knowing Kodie wanted to play the “twist on fetch” game is heartwarming.

  4. I’m so happy for you and Kodie that he’s doing well! This really gives me hope for our Elly. We’re going through this same situation now. We’re in the beginning stages, but I know eye removal is coming. Thank you for sharing your story. I definitely have an idea of what we can expect.

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