Jaz - Blind DogOn January 20th 2020 Jaz had his half year check up, I was a bit worried as he was putting on weight, he had gone from a very fussy eater to suddenly empty dish.

All was fine at my vets just to cut down on treats, by the beginning of February I noticed he was not playing the same, did not want to go for his walks and did not seem able to see the treat in my hand.

I made an appointment with the vet and doing just minor tests he confirmed that Jaz appeared to be blind, he arranged for urgent MRI scan etc, which again confirmed blindness.

My husband and I could not take it in, many tears have been shed, questions asked why? he is only 7yrs old.

I found it hard but read all I could on Sards and what help I could do for Jaz.

It is only 2 weeks and I am seeing how well he is coping. Me, I still shed a tear. But we are trying to build up his confidence, as well as ours.

We are due to go on holiday in 2 weeks. We booked a caravan break and because Jaz is so unsure on walking at the moment we have bought a stroller so we can go into busy towns and he will be okay. When we find quiet areas we can then walk him more.

It is a big learning curve for all of us, I think we are adjusting but sometimes it is hard, mainly because you miss some of the past times, but on a positive note we will look forward to Jaz enjoying his walks again.

As I say it is early days and reading all I could re other dogs has helped.

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