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IndieHi… We just got the new diagnosis, yesterday, that our little 10 yr old Maltese Indie has SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). This happened quickly (within 3 days), she began to crash into walls when she turned suddenly, but we thought she just getting old.

We took her to her vet immediately just to be sure it wasn’t just her getting old, and were immediately referred to ophthalmologist. After several test and an electroretrogram, it was determined that she is blind. This was, and still is, a shock to us…and we are trying to figure out how to help her the best way possible.

Giving her up was never an option. We committed to giving her a better life ever since we found her on the streets living in an alley.

Do any of you recommend the Halo collars, and if so, which ones? I’ve seen a couple different brands on-line, but I don’t even know where to start. What other products do any of you recommend?

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  1. My girl has PRA so much more gradual. I don’t think a halo would work for her… Just scare her. I baby proofed the house and put tactile strips across the tips of steps for her. You can also use essential oils or any scent really to mark corners and doorways.

    I also reinforced ‘sit’ as a command as it can save her from injury if I see her somewhere dangerous.

    I’ve chronicled some of her progress.


  2. We have a blind beagle. We got the book Living With Blind Dogs by Caroline Levin. I recommend it. It has a lot of info. in it about how to help your blind dog and you adjust and lots of good ideas about collars, leashes, training etc. It has been well worth it.

  3. I also bought that book it was great. My Maggie went blind 2 years ago and is such a fighter! She also has SARDS. She is a beagle so after my initial paranoia for poking her eye out subsided I decided not to get the halo, she relies too much on her nose! I did move my coffee table for 6 months and modify my house, used scent stickers as well. Dogs are adapters, I hope your baby can adjust to this new life and live happily for years!

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