Hope and I

HopeI have a love for pugs like no one else. I first met Hope after I had to put down my first ever rescue pug who was only 9 months old. I saw her on Facebook under Midwest Pug Rescue site. I really had to wonder if I was ready for another rescue or if I should wait to recover after loosing BooBoo.

I called Midwest to ask more about Hope and to find out if and when she would be ready for adoption. This was in February 2014 and she was just newly rescued in January in Minneapolis and would need lots of Doctor care first. It was looking like I would need to wait till March to get her which was perfect as I needed that time to mourn BooBoo.

February came and went with weekly updates on Hope’s recovery from her foster family.

HopeMarch 21st was her adoption day. I drove 2 1/2 hours to get her with the knowledge that she would need eye care the rest of her life and she was mostly deaf. I didn’t care cause I know I needed her as much as she needed me. When I arrived in St Paul and saw her for the first time I was taken back by her eyes. I thought ” how could a decent human being ever neglect such a sweet little girl?” She was so shy and fragile. I didn’t know how to hold her let alone make her feel safe with me. In all honesty it was love at first sight for me! She was everything I wanted in a 10 year old pug. ❤️

HopeThe first year was a learning experience for both of us, especially me. Cleaning her eyes twice a day with multiple medications. I got real good at it. I will never forget that after every cleaning my baby gave herself a bath. Every time!

Now to our current situation. I knew in my heart her eyes needed to be removed. She couldn’t see anyways, her cleanings weren’t helping and she was starting to scratch at her eyes, which can cause infections. I called a pug breeder I knew and asked for her advice and also a recommendation for a good vet to do the work. After a night of thinking about it and a serious talk with my partner, I made the decision to call the next morning. Her surgery was set for a week later with the Doctor telling me that this was a standard procedure and not to worry.

imageWe dropped her off Thursday morning with the surgery ending at around 10:30am. Surgery was a success!! I picked her up that afternoon. I was happy to see her but again I was taken back by what I saw. She was whining and fragile all over again. It was a long ride home with her whining and farting, lol. Last night (being her first night) was rough. She was coughing so bad. It was bad enough that she started bleeding from her eye socket. We both maybe got about 2 hours asleep. I finally fell asleep after a good long cry cause I hated hearing her coughing so bad. I woke and called to Doctor right away. She said the cough was due to the tube being down her throat.
She is currently resting on the couch, snuggled up to me sleeping. Even after my meltdown last night, I know I made the right decision!

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    1. Ok, I saw the whole post by looking under the category ‘Blog’. What an interesting story. Sweet Hope, she’s a lucky girl to have you. I can’t believe someone would let her eyes get into that condition or let her wind up homeless at the age of 10.

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