Hello people from Blind Dog Support,

Just wanted to share my history of what happened to me a few days ago.

Unfortunately my lovely 10 year Yorkie (Gucci) was biten by a Golden Retriever in the head. The pressure of the bite made both Gucci’s eyes pop out, leaving her blind for ever.

For more bad luck, it was not possible to recover the eyeballs since they were literately out of his head. Not hanging like that, but definitely not inside.

She went try a surgery and its now in home recovering. Thank God I decided to make the best out of this and do the possible so she has a “normal” life.

I’m just started learning about blind dogs a couple days ago and I’ve been dinging on some interesting things like Halo Vest, Ecosystems, Toys with sounds and eye wear.

All our family is really touched by this event and its been just a couple of days but really tough days.

I would appreciate if some can give us advice on how to start this new journey with Gucci. We know its not easy, by what I’ve been researching its actually harder for the owner that the dog to get used to this since it seems that vision is not “vital” rather than other senses but its still really hard to look at her since she just to be one of the most beautiful dogs ever.

I’m also looking for a way to protect the scars from other dogs licking. I have another Yorkie called Nemo and she loves to “kiss” so its really dangerous for the scars to be licked right?



Alfredo Costa

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