Glaucoma Nightmare

Hi, my name is Del, and my husband and I have a 9 year old Shiba/Husky mix named Kylee who was diagnosed with primary glaucoma in her right eye Sept. of 2017.

As the Dr. explained the disease and it’s inevitable ugly path my tears weld up and as they ran down my face it was all I could do to not just break down right there in that nightmarish moment.

We have been giving our sweet girl eyedrops in hopes of keeping her as comfortable as possible and hoping to hold off the progression in the left eye. Unfortunately, she succumbed to this unforgiving disease in her left eye on June 8th.

It breaks my heart as i see the life she once knew stolen away from her. She has been such a trooper through this whole ordeal, but I feel helpless as I know there is nothing i can do to make it better. If It’s not bad enough this disease steals our fur babies eyesight, there is a great chance the eye or eyes must be removed due to infection or great pain.

I have so prayed the good Lord would heal her, but if it isn’t His will, then I pray I find support and comfort through this forum and others heartfelt stories.

I get sick to my stomach when I think she may lose her eyes all together. If anyone has had to face that I would greatly appreciate any advice or solace you can give. God’s blessings to you all!

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  1. My Yorkie is age 14 and she’s 80-90% blind. It’s glaucoma but are they in pain with it? And do they eventually have to have their eyes taken out?

    1. Hi DD, as far as eye removal, unfortunately because it is a progressive disease it seems inevitable. Kylee still has both her eyes, but I fear we may reach a point where she is in so much pain, or develops an infection we may be faced with the horrible decision. As of now, we continue to treat her with medication. God’s blessings to you!

      1. Hi Im Jean in the UK and I have a 9yr old border collie. About this time last year I woke to find her r eye was full of infection, took her to vet who diagnosed glaucoma and referred us to an eye specialist. She was having drops in for a few weeks but the eye became ulcerated and had to be removed. which was Heartbreaking. Since then she has been going for regular pressure checks and everything has been fine until about 2 months ago I woke to find her other eye swollen and she couldnt see me so I rushed to the vet who recorded very high pressure . Over the next 4 days we bombarded the eye with drops to get the pressure down, which we did , and have been going back every week for checks. On Monday this week in spite of all the medication the pressure was still high and I had to make the decision to have the other eye removed. I have spent the last couple of months crying on and off and am finding things very difficult . She has always had very keen eyesight and been very active ball chasing and all the other stuff that dogs do. At present she is very unsure of where things are and spends a lot of time just lying down. We are 3 days on now and Im managing to get her to go for short walks , trying to increase her confidence, (maybe better when the collar comes off,) although this is acting as a barrier when she bumps into things) , and she is taking an interest in balls again It has all happened so quickly and it makes you feel so helpless and useless but hopefully together we will overcome this and she will be more like herself again best wishes

        1. It’s very early stages yet, but you will be surprised at how quickly she will progress. Just stay strong and confident around here. She will pick up on your energy and know that all is okay.

        2. Hi Jean, that’s the horrible thing about this disease, it sneaks up on you like a thief in the night! Sorry to hear about your baby. I wish I had more encouragement to offer as we have not had to make the gut wrenching decision of having our Kylee’s eye or eyes removed at this time. Please know that you and your sweet girl are in my prayers! God bless you!

  2. Hi Dell. I am sorry to hear about Kylee. I’ve been where you are now. My toy poodle, his name is Casey, was diagnosed with glaucoma in his left eye in April 2017 and even with drops, the vet recommended eye removal. He was such a trooper. It broke my heart and couldn’t imagine feeling worse than I did at the time. We managed to keep the other eye with drops until the right eye went blind and the pain became worse and 2nd eye removal in June 2018. It has been an adjustment for us all. I think the shock and depression has just worn off but Casey is adjusting and seems to be a bit happier each day. It’s so hard to see them go through it. I worried a lot because Casey suffers from some anxiety. But you will be amazed how they adjust and in time, things feel a bit better each day. Prayers to you.

    1. Hi RAlex, Thank you for replying. Yes, there are so many emotions that come with this disease. We’ve somewhat succumbed to her blindness, but it doesn’t end there. The idea of eye removal I struggle with so, so much!! My heart goes out to you and your sweet Casey. God has given dogs a special ability to adapt through their strong sense of smell, which is such a blessing. But, It’s just difficult to see the life they once knew stripped away. As far as making that choice, I told my husband we would know when it’s time. I feel she can still see shadows or something in her right eye as she can still manage to use the sitting bench at the end of our bed to jump on and off tge bed. God’s blessings to you and Casey. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay in touch.

  3. My dog got glaucoma after he had cataracts removed 3 years ago his pressures shot up to 90 one time very scary, he loved to play ball and catch and I was devastated at the prospect of him losing his eyes. I’m happy to say his specialist had just learned a new procedure called endolaser surgery he had it done and now 3 years later his pressures are still around 7 and 9 and he sees great, there are alternatives. My daughters husky just had it done last week. Doing well.

    1. I am so happy to read this. We have an appointment this week to see if our Bernard’s remaining eye is a candidate for the laser surgery. You’ve given me hope,

  4. Hi Kim, that’s awesome to hear! So, was your baby blind then at one point? As I feel after so long in having glaucoma irreversible damage is done. We did see a specialist in the beginning, and he did tell us about different surgeries, but never spoke of any of them curing the disease or assuring her seeing again. I recall though him saying the surgeries were very expensive!! Although, if this procedure could give her sight back even in one eye, that would be a huge blessing. Thank you for the information. I will definitely look into it. So happy for your success!!
    God bless! Del

  5. Hi Del. The eye removal was difficult. Especially the second eye.Casey could see shadows until mid April this year until blindness set in and specialist said no chance for sight and that the eye was painful and needed to come out. We were devastated But we all are adjusting to this new situation and Casey is adjusting for the most part. It is sad to see him not want to play like he used to but it all feels a bit easier each day. It’s hard but no matter what, you will see how they adjust. Thinking of you and Kylee.

    1. Thank you RAlex for your support. Kylee is holding her own. Her right eye is starting to look bad, but I really want to wait and see what her left eye does as I don’t want to put her through two surgeries. A bit disheartening as I feel any day could be the day her other eye fails her. For now I continue to pray and keep her as comfortable as possible! Blessings to you and Casey!!

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