Geeza’s story

blind dogOn Saturday we took our 6 year old Staffie, Geeza, to the vet as his eye was a little red, so we wanted some eye drops.

Geeza was given a thorough eye examination, and sadly, it wasn’t good news and we are in pieces.

Geeza has a tumour on his left eye.

Geeza has to have an operation on Tuesday to remove his left eye. The tumour has been caught at an early stage, but there is no way to save his eye.
Geeza will also have blood tests and a CT scan, as there is a 3% chance that it could be the stronger type of tumour and spread to his lymph glands.
Geeza baby, you are not one of the 3%, we are telling you that now.

His eye will then be sent away to find out the exact type of tumour.

Geeza is playing and loving and sleeping as if there’s not a care in the world. He sees us crying a lot, but just thinks we are upset about something, so brings us a toy.
We think he might sense somewhere that something is wrong, but not what, especially when the vet was crying too.

blind dogWe have been reassured that after the operation he won’t know any different and readjust immediately.
He will have to wear a lampshade for two weeks until the stitches are removed, the fur will grow over any scar.
The last time he had a lampshade was when he was neutered, and he used it as a scoop to move gravel in the garden!
So, sorry to share this sad news, but Geeza The Brave will be the fighter he always is, still get pampered like mad, still get told off when naughty, and still get his special treats.

This site has given us some comfort to know that Geeza is not alone.

We purchased a Geeza as a 6 month old rescue dog from Battersea, he is our baby, he has won awards for his behaviour with children, and last year at Park Resorts holiday park in Clacton, he was made a Teamstar, complete with uniform, i think the pictures will show why we are so devastated by this news, as i can see others on here are by their experience.

We are so dreading Tuesday, but Geeza won’t want to stay still for long.
Thankyou for reading this.

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