Four – Blind dog with Diabetes

FourWe found Four in a shelter on September 4th, in the year 2004, on my 44th birthday. Both my children were born on the 4th, so it was easy to name him. When we first got him, he wasnt the easiest to train, but he learned and became the BEST dog I’ve ever had. He is MY dog, all others have been family dogs, but Four is mine and the most loyal of companions. He has travelled more than many humans – we bring him to Kauai, he’s travelled across the US, across Canada and on many many road trips.

Four - blind dog with diabetesAt the beginning of the summer (Four has now been with us 12 years), i noticed him begging and demanding food – he was really STARVING, he was also drinking and peeing a lot. We’d had him tested months before for drinking and peeing, but i took him to my fabulous vet and she confirmed diabetes. We were headed away for 3 weeks, and she advised to wait until we returned before we started the insulin. I returned Aug 23, picked up the insulin August 24th and began. Within a week he was blind. His insulin still is wonky, cant get it right. Tmrw first thing I’ll buy new test strips as i feel like they are wrong – he was over-the-top full of sugar in his pee, and then went to a trace. He is learning to navigate his world, and getting over the depression he has the first week, but boy this is hard!!! Im picking up lots of great suggestions from this site and thank you for your support.

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  1. My staffy is 12 we live in the uk.Lucy was diagnosed diabetic in December 2016.We have to see the vet every week at the minute because they can’t get her insulin dosage right her sight is ok up to yet but I’m dreading the day it goes.

  2. We found out in Feb 2017 that Bear is diabetic. It is now June 2, and Bear has one eye that is fully blind and the other is partially blind at this point. I’m guessing that it won’t be long before he is blind in both eyes. He and I are both struggling to adjust to this new way of life. Hoping this site can help us to get through this difficult time

  3. Hi all,
    We have a similar story. Our 10 year old terrier mix developed diabetes and cataracts and now glaucoma in both eyes within 4 months or so. (One eye is removed and the other should be..)

    The vet thinks it’s not diabetes per se, but diabetic symptoms. The vet thinks it’s not really diabetes because she was never overweight. I am curious if yours also were about the same age and their health before developing diabetes. The cataracts developed fully within a week or so. It’s really odd and I am trying to find others with similar stories. I would love to know what it is. The insulin seems to work sometimes. This week we were in the 100’s(like once or twice) but then measure again the next day and it’s 400’s.
    I though Cushing’s but she doesn’t have the symptoms of that with the lose of hair on the stomach area. Also I read Cushing’s they get a pot belly. Our dog is just really skinny right now. She still eats well and the vet can’t see/find anything else.
    A few months before all of this started she did have gall stone issues, inflammation. At that time she wasn’t eating. That was getting better and she was eating good, gaining weight, and then the diabetes I guess started. She was still eating but then peeing a lot and losing weight…

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