Fern, new to being blind

Hello all. Nice to be here with other blind dob mamas and papas. My 10 yo small mutt: maybe poodle, terrior, lassa, who knows: 14 lbs. One eye was blind, the other suddenly overnight detached retina, so now totally blind. Doing well adjusting, since mid July.

Hoping for a way to wear something that beeps, quietly, so she will know where I am. Tired of constantly slapping my leg or talking to her so she can follow me. A bell won’t work as I am starting to play ball with her in the house from my easy chair; sitting and throwing ball (actually rolling only 3 or 4 feet) so need something that automatically beeps so she can find her way back to me? Any ideas? Many thanks, and look forward to reading the logs on how everyone is adjusting to this new way of life with our babies.

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  1. My baby had retinal detachment years ago. I used the “Halo” with her , to keep her from bumping her face. She didn’t like it. She was still very active. SO, I didn’t use anything at all and she did just fine.
    I even moved furniture, and she would adjust. Dogs are amazingly resilient.
    Unfortunately, my pup has gotten much older and has many other medical issues causing weakness. She has fallen and smashed her eye twice now, and its probably going to have to be removed.

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