Eye Removal Due to Glaucoma

My Willow was diagnosed with severe glaucoma which had to extracted. She is on all kinds of pain meds from metacam and tramadole and antibiotics. She also has to wear a cone which she is finding very uncomfortable, I am hoping its the collar and not pain she is feeling.

Has anyone tried an e collar that inflates and what are your views on them. She has eaten very well but only drank a little, plus she hasn’t been to the toilet. I have walked her twice slowly but she still is not wanting to the toilet. I have placed down mats and hoping she use them but if she goes somewhere else I am not bothered as her coming through the op and being home is more important.

One thought on “Eye Removal Due to Glaucoma

  1. Most dogs hate ecollars and for a lot of the dogs that have been discussed on this site, the ecollar was causing more issues for their dogs than the pain from the operation.

    When my dog had her surgery, she came home without an ecollar. The vet just never put one on her and I never even thought to ask. My dog had no problems.

    However, every dog is different and your vet will want to be super cautious because your dog could easily paw at the eye or run into something and the stitches could open up.

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