Hi everyone…..my name is Rich and I have a Brussels Griffon, Dunkin who is 8 yrs. old. Roughly 2 yrs. ago, Dunkin had cataract surgery in both eyes.

Since 2012, he has developed a detached retina in his left eye…..probably from glaucoma….and the eye pressure has been steadily going up.

I took him to the Animal Eye Clinic in Wilton, CT., on 02/28/15…..and learned that the left eye pressure was now at 34 despite 3 different types of eye drops we are using…..and was told that since he has no vision in the left eye…..and building pressure, his left eye will have to be removed. I’m so devastated at this news….he has been through so much….but I want him comfortable and with no pain. I’m struggling with the idea of what surgery to choose…..do I want him to have a prosthetic eye or do I want the Enucleation surgery? I know with a prosthetic eye its more for us humans….and it doesn’t matter to the dog…..but I worry if he has the Enucleation surgery where the eye is stitched shut…..that I will feel so bad every time I look at his wonderful face.

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of both type surgeries…..and if complications develop, if his eye was stitched shut….how would they know there was something wrong….and how could you treat it. In the end…..I want Dunkin to be happy and comfortable. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your honest input.

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  1. I’ve had to remove both my dog’s eyes, a couple of years apart. From the reading I did at the time I was trying to make my decision, there was a slight danger of infection with prosthetic eyes, so I opted not to do it. I also opted not to put a ball-form behind the eyelid, which is sometimes recommended to keep from having a depressed spot where the eye was, for the same reason (possible infection). Like you, I was concerned about how I’d react to a dog with eyes sewn shut, but now, I just think of them as two of the cutest permanent winks. (See my avatar photo, which was taken before the second eye had to be removed – I think she still looks pretty cute!)

    Recently, I saw a puppy at a rescue who’d had to have one eye removed. The rescuer thought he’d be more adoptable with a black ball in place of the eye (not a prosthetic that looks like an eye). There’s no “white of the eye” — frankly, I think it looks creepy.

    Whatever you choose, don’t wait long; if the pressure’s not able to be controlled with the drops, Dunkin’s in pain. You are clearly a thoughtful and compassionate dog owner, and I know you don’t want him to suffer.

    1. Thank you Diana for sharing your story with me. I’m not only a little nervous about Dunkin’s surgery….but also infection in his eyes after surgery. He has been through so much….surgeries on both eyes….and I hate to put him through another surgety. After reading what you said….I think maybe I will opt for his eye being stitched shut. I don’t want him looking freaky with no white in his eye…..and certainly don’t want the prostetic eye to get infected. I can live with that”wink” I would rsther see that and know he is pain free. God Bless….and enjoy the rest of your weekend.
      Best Regards,
      Richie Perrotta

  2. My little girl had to have both her I eyes removed. We opted for no insert. When she had her first eye removed it swelled and seemed to drain. It just didn’t seem quite right… So when she had her second eye removed they went back into the first eye and found a tiny duct that was not removed the first time. They got everything taken care of . Everything healed up gray and she does marvelously! So you can tell if something is not right in there. And they can fix it. It is very very hard on us skin mommies in the beginning but seeing them happy and pain free makes it worth it. I suspect there will always be a twinge of guilt that goes with the process. Because to us it is unthinkable. But let me tell you my little Zeeva is thriving and does amazingly well . We even found a way she can play fetch with a toy.! She has a blast! Good luck with you baby! It all works out in the end. Be prepared for a difficult beginning, but in the end it is worth it.

    1. Patti, thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with me. I’m sorry your little girl had to have both her eyes removed. At girst when I learned that Dunkin would have to have his eye removed…..I felt so bad for him…..I still do…..but I never knew there were so many doggie parents out there experiencing the same thing. I thought that Dunkin and I were the only ones going through this type of experience. Just by reading some of the comments on this site and frm people like you who have first hand knowledge of such issues….I now know Dunk and I will be just fine. God Bless to you and your little one.

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