Dogbeard the Blind, Diabetic Rescue Pug with a Liver Shunt, 10 years old

dog beardMy Pug is either 7-10 years old or older. His name is Dogbeard. We adopted him as a stray. He was 2-5 at the time or older. We don’t know his true age. When we got him, he was 60% blind with one eye being completely dead and he has an acute liver shunt. He cannot eat proteins, particularly meat. So he has to eat a special diet of liver shunt dog food.

Last year, 2020, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Combined with his liver shunt, his prognosis was diagnosed as really low. Unfortunately, we can’t switch him to an all meat diet cause of his bad liver. He gets 5 units of insulin in the morning and 5 more units of insulin at night. This is a heavy dose for a small dog.

Since getting his diabetes, he’s become very boney and his ribs are showing. Just a few days ago, he became completely blind and is now stumbling and bumping into things all the time.

I’m scared and worried my puppy is going to die soon. I’m getting up in the mornings to look after him and my brother stays up at night to look after him. He doesn’t want to put the dog in his crate at night.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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  1. I am in the same situation my min pin Saltsc is 13 yrs old she was diagnosed with diabetes
    November 2020 we finally got her sugar under control she gets 2.5 ml of insulin twice a day. Blindness set in slowly she is also walking into walls etc. But I am determined to get her thru this takes a lot of patience and lots of love she still loves to play and snuggle. Hoping she will adapt soon to her blindness she is a trooper.

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