Dog attack causes chill is dilema

Today, my beautiful 13 week old corgi puppy was attacked by another dog and had her eye detached in the attack. Not a mark on her but for the loss of her eye by the other dogs tooth. We are shattered as our fur baby remains at the vet surgery under sedation waiting for her eye removal surgery tomorrow. Glad I can type cos I couldn’t begin to tell of her trauma without tears dripping down. Although grateful she is otherwise not damaged I grieving greatly for this dear little puppy. She will continue to be loved, but hope I can do all she needs.

2 thoughts on “Dog attack causes chill is dilema

  1. You sent in this post in January 2016 and here it is May 19,2016. I been reading stories about Dog Eye removal due to diseases and was wondering if anyone here feels my pain because my little DontTank is having his eye removed this morning because another dog attacked him. I came across your post and now I know I am on the right track. Yet, I still wonder is there any difference with dog eye removal from a disease than from a dog attack? My biggest anxiety is hoping I can do all my Boy needs…

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