Dakota – Blind Dog with SARDs

Our dog Dakota is 12 years old. He was able to see last month. We noticed him bumping into things and being very clumsy. After numerous trips to vet with blood tests, urine, eye pressure test which all came out good he kept getting worse. We took him to a eye specialist this week and he has sard.

He is completely blind now and trying to adjust. I think it’s harder on us than him.

He doesn’t like going out but we encourage him. He won’t walk very far so we have been carrying him or using wagon. There is a open grass area in our complex and he likes it there. He will walk around with other dogs he.knows and people. This is all new to us but hoping in time he will do better on leash. In our house he is doing much better.he always used doggie stairs to get in our bed bit now he almost falls so we had to take them away. He is a dachshund with short legs and never been in crate. I got a portable bed next to our bed and he sleeps at night in it. So far so good. I hope we are making the right choices. Thanks for letting me join. I hope to learn more.❤

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