Cleo Wolf

Just found your website, Cleo was my son’s basset hound, I was actually thrilled when my son moved back home (after serving in the Peace Corps) – with Cleo! And Cleo – gradually became my/our dog. She lost one eye, then the other to glaucoma, we were referred to Dr. Elizabeth Adkins at the Hope Center in Vienna, VA, the unthinkable happened, one eye, then the other had to be removed, but life went on.

Cleo is past 10 years old now, we moved to a house on one level with a yard, she is such a wonderful, communicative, sweet, smart, slightly overweight companion, funny too, and a sensational watch-dog/alerts us when anyone is at the door before the doorbell rings!

I believe it makes other people sad to see Cleo, but she gets around amazingly well, feels the curb with her nose and steps up, knows where she wants to walk (when she wants to walk), seems to understand when I say I see so&so, one of her dog-friends coming. It is what it is. We consider ourselves lucky to be in this affluent country where pets can get good medical care. Hoping for a cure for glaucoma for other dogs in the future. (Photo coming.)

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