Cass-a-Blanca the Shihtzu

blind dogI’ve had Cass for almost 3 years. I work in animal rescue and got a call from a local shelter about this 9 year old shih tzu that was turned over and was practically on her death bed. She was near 30 lbs, eyes completely crusted over, matted and in congestive heart failure. I fell in love the second I saw her. She’s so sassy and has a loud personality. She’s lost a ton of weight, is able to run and play with my dog dogs and is on medications that has her heart condition under control. She’s got a lot of life and love and has been the best dog ever since she came home with me.

blind dogI foster dogs as well, and have for the past 12 years. I just got a new foster dog on 2/12/16 that had just been neutered and wasn’t recovering well from it. On 2/14/16, he was laying in his dog bed and Cass walked by- my foster nipped at her and her eye sort of just… popped out.

blinddogI raced to the vet and they couldnt save her eye. She’s been losing her eyesight for the past year, but she seems to be recovering pretty well given the circumstances.Blind dog,


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