Carla’s story

My 6yo shar-pei called cara suddenly took glaucoma overnight – there was no warning , they eye had to be removed 4wks ago and needed surgery in the other eye to stop it happening . She was no different with they eye removed , she had surgery in other eye couple of days ago but after surgery could see , at the weekend she had no vision . She is not coping very well, reluctant to move , not wanting to walk , looking for bit of advice to help her in best possible way.

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  1. It’s very early days for her Claire. For some dogs, they manage quite quickly and for others it can take a bit longer.

    First you need to check that she isn’t in pain as a result of the operation. I’m not sure what operation they did to her – was it laser surgery? If so, this can take a while to sort itself out. I think you really need to talk to the vet about it if you haven’t already to work out why she lost the vision.

    1. It was laser surgery for glaucoma and they put in artificial lens all was fine for a day then couple incidents of temporary vision loss then it returned a while later then on Sunday went same way and never returned . Had her back to vets and they eye working but they can give me no reason as to why she can’t see . Had her back at my own vet this morning to check temperature ect and all is normal . Going back to eye specialist tomorrow but he didn’t hold out much hope

      1. That’s kind of what happened to my dog. She went blind in the first eye and had it removed. Then months later had laser surgery for the second eye but it was really too late for her at that point. She never got her sight back after the surgery.

        But she came through like a trooper and did fine without her sight.

        How is Carla today?

        1. Back down at eye specialist yesterday and the pressure in eye had spiked and damaged optic nerve – I have been so upset since vision loss last Sunday which hasn’t been good for cara as she was depressed – yesterday at the vets was so upsetting but in a strange kind of acceptance for me and I changed my attitude and on the way home went to the park and I had to keep checking to make sure she still couldn’t see as she was totally amazing and walked all the way round the park and she couldn’t notice the difference – today she had been wandering around the house and for the first time in a week she slept in her own wee bed -hope things continue like this

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