Cadi’s Story

My Welsh Terrier, Cadi, was diagnosed with glaucoma when she was 2 years old. She had been doing fine till recently when we noticed she couldn’t see very well. She is 7 years old now, still a fairly young dog. The opthomalgist said she needed to have the eye surgery because she was in a lot of pain. We elected the prosthesis method and had it done on October 18th February this year.

We just took her back for her check up this past Monday and was told she was looking good. Yesterday when I got up in the morning for work I could tell right away she wasn’t feeling well. She wouldn’t get up and was moaning and wouldn’t even try to eat her food. Took her to the vet and they ran a big blood test on her and it only showed she was anemic and her lymphocytes were low. I took her back to the vet today, she is still there now. They’re going give her antibiotics with her I V fluids and maybe run some x-rays. I’m very worried about her. Now I think maybe shouldn’t have done the eye surgery. All her blood work was normal before the surgery

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  1. I hope your baby Cadi is doing better. It’s so sad to see them when they don’t feel good. My dog developed glaucoma rather quickly and went blind in both eyes. She was uncomfortable too but the vet made her feel better. She is 13 so he didn’t want to put her through the surgery. Fortunately her eyes started shrinking and the pressure went way down so we didn’t have to do anything other than eye ointment 2x a day. She is adapting very well but it did take time. She still bumps into things.

    Please give us an update how your baby is doing.

    Thanks, Cindy

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