Buddy is a Jack Russell Terrier, about 10 years old. For the past 5 years he has suffered from severe allergies due to ragweed. We had been treating him with an antihistamine combined with prednisone. This past summer, he suddenly started showing symptoms of Cushings syndrome. We took him off the prednisone as instructed by the vet, but noticed that he didn’t seem to be recovering as he ought to. Apparently, the prednisone attacked his pancreas, and he has iatrogenic diabetes. This doesn’t happen to dogs very often, and is more likely to happen to a cat. However, Buddy’s diabetes progressed rather rapidly, and he got cataracts, it seems almost overnight, but it may have been longer than that. He has gone blind. He handles it well, but my husband seems more afflicted by it than the dog! Buddy gets eye drops and a visit to the opthamologist form time to time. We were fortunate to find an eye doctor only an hour away, that doesn’t charge a small fortune for taking care of Buddy’s eyes. Since the dog doesn’t heal very well, he probably won’t have cataract surgery. We keep his eyes hydrated and make sure to keep him from running through weeds, which he still loves to do!

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  1. I sometimes wonder about these medications prescribed for our dogs. My dog Lucy was on a number of different medications for her cancer but it was pancreatitis which eventually got her in the end…as a result of those medications.

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