Brady’s History

I was volunteering at the local Animal Shelter and Brady a Cocker Poodle keep on being brought back and there was talk of putting him down.

Since my Dachsie was I thought very old at 15 (she lived to be 21!), I wanted to have a dog when she was gone.

I was a dog trainer so Brady’s issues didn’t bother me. He loves people but hates other animals and never became housebroken. He’s in his forever home and is now 12. It brakes my heart because I’m now disabled and can’t afford the specialist. Fortunately my regular vet lets me pay off my bills and she does what she can for him.

He was diagnosed first with Glaucoma ,and more recently after my vet spoke with the ophthalmologist she thinks he my have a corneal disease. Either way he’s blind in one eye and the other eye is going.

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