Born blind and helping others see

KowtaMy name is Kowta Im a pit bull, and i was born with no eyes. When i was a baby i was just like my 9 brothers and sisters no one could see how special i was.That is until all of my siblings eyes began to open…..but mine didn’t.

At first my human mom thought i was just a late bloomer but as days turned to weeks she knew something wasn’t right.

Later we found out that I have what they called anophthalmia – an eye abnormality that arises before birth. In this condition, one or both eyeballs are completely missing, having never formed. In my case I am missing both eyes.

KowtaA lot of people told my human mom it would be best to euthanize me, that my quality of life would not be good. But she chose not to and gave me a chance at life. Now she says that’s the best decision she ever made.

Then one day she decided on a name for me, it was Kow-ta (khow-tah) its a Native American word [Mi wok] and means “bumps into things”. Ive been a lot of work to raise and am a 24/7 responsibility but we have managed through it together. Someone has to watch every move I make if I’m outside so I don’t hurt myself walking off of a steep drop or walk into something and hit my head.

I always need someone to guide me or tell me when stop,slow or turn. I love to run fast and sometimes I don’t listen to my mom when she tells me to stop or slow down and have hurt myself….but I still love running fast!

KowtaDon’t feel bad for me though I am a happy happy boy, and do almost all of the things normal dogs do. I love to play, go for car rides, swim, and go for walks or hikes through the forest. I love meeting people, but sometimes when they ask ” what kind of dog is he?” and they hear I’m a pit bull they think bad things about me, they are afraid of me.

I don’t want to hurt anyone I just want them to love me and play with me but sometimes they wont. Its okay though I forgive them because they don’t know me and how sweet and gentle I am. If they would only give me a chance to show them I know i could change their minds about pit bulls and then they wouldn’t be afraid anymore.

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  1. Such a story. I love that you kept him and worked with him. I myself have a yellow lab that is blind from birth. Vet has said his eyes are fine he has a condition that the part of the brain that works sight didn’t form correctly. We bought him for a breeder and when we got him home (2 and a half hours later) I noticed him bumping into our fence (very lucky for him we have a large area that is completely fenced with no obstacles other than our 6 year old Chololate lab)….I told my husband “watch him, I think he’s blind, he’s walking the fence like a blind person would “map” a room. We were both stunned and not sure what to do. After sleeping on it I told my husband they will put him down if we take him back. I kind of pleaded my case and cried alot and hubby agreed to give it a few weeks. He’s doing really well (it’s only been 10 days) but he amazes me everyday. Our biggest obstacle is steps…no way our of our house without them. We are getting there. Good luck on your journey with Kowta. He soulds like a wonderful creature!

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