Blind Betty

Hi everyone I recently adopted a blind little girl aged ten months old. Betty was found as a tiny puppy dying in the street where she had been dumped.

With the help of a charity Betty who was very ill, fought to live and her foster mother took good care of her.

Betty is an intelligent girl who easily navigates the house. Our stumbling block is Betty is petrified to go outside.

I have to pick her up and put her in the garden. She simply freezes and will not move. Nothing I do encourages her she becomes agitated and cries until I put her inside.

I am at loss how to help Betty, any suggestions would be gratefully received.

One thought on “Blind Betty

  1. I’m sorry that your dog is scared to go outside. We have adopted a blind puppy and he was scared at first too. So he carried him a lot at first. but we learned that with a lot of treats and love and training and patience, he was able to overcome his fear with our reassurance. Good luck!

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