Blackie - blind dogBlackie is a bit of special needs Spoodle. He came to me as a nervous rescue dog with severe separation anxiety and a heart condition. Although no longer nervous the separation anxiety is still an issue and has seem me climb out of windows and all sorts 🙂

Blackie started to develop cloudy eyes which were cataracts, and the vet suggested taking him to the eye specialist. There we found out that his left retina had detached and he was completely blind in that eye but the good news was he could operate on the right eye and give him full sight in 1 eye. Done deal, the surgery and recovery process went well. We were running together again and playing the in the park, although we did have to get rid of his beloved squeaky toys (especially the chop and the chicken) in case the provoked a retinal detachment in his remaining eye.

BlackieDespite taking all precautions this is exactly what happened and one day we came home to Blackie bumping into everything, the specialist confirmed my worst fears. Adding to the problems a newly blind dog faces, the relationship I was in also broke down which saw Blackie and I move 3 times in 2 months which added to his anxiety. We are now finally settled but still unpacking boxes so things moving around. Trying to think of ways to “dog” proof, table corners, desks etc as yes he has turned into a magnet for any obstacle. But I am determined to make my little man as comfortable and happy as possible,

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  1. Blackie sure is a Beauty! I know how hard it is with a dog who had one good eye seeing and then like overnight completely blind. My Tina (who you can read here in the archives) was like that, bouncing at first off things like a pinball. She has been totally blind since Oct. But she amazed me how quick she adjusted. We have had to move furniture recently and she did okay as long as I put her blanket and stuffed “baby” where she knew was her place on the couch. And she does better mapping her routes as long as I let her do it alone. Once I step in, she gets lost it seems. So I make sure of safety and let her on her own. I can say that after one time of bumping into something she learns. Just love and patience. And also I know Tina is worse when I am stressed so I try to talk to her without triggering her by my tone etc. Welcome to the board here!

  2. Welcome here Tania!
    I hope that by reading everyone’s stories you find any help you may need, and that you sharing your story helps others.
    Blackie is adorable and you are lucky to have eachother by the sound of things.

  3. Welcome to you both, you will learn a lot here. May I also suggest a book called, “Living with blind dogs”. It is a wealth of information.
    As soon as my Abbey bumped into her first corner of the wall, I sought out suggestions and have applied one given and it is the best idea I found. “Fun Noodles” swim toys, found at Target, Walmart and other places are great. I cut them in half (down the middle) and used 2 sided tape to stick them to the wall. The tape didn’t last because of humidity here, so we nailed them on the corners, no way now that she can get hurt… Love the pic of your baby on the beach. We used to go the beach in Calif. called Dog Beach and I miss it now that we live in the Midwest.

  4. I love your response Barb. It’s so true that you need to let them go and not try to help too much. They learn pretty quickly on their own.

  5. Blackie is just beautiful! This is the second time I’ve read about giving them a stuffed toy to know their area. I love this idea. Did you incorporate the stuffed baby before or after the blindness? I’m wondering if I should get for our Elly now before she goes blind in her remaining eye.

  6. Thanks for the responses ladies, am taking everything onboard and trying to let Blackie “learn” on his own as much s possible and not to let myself get too stressed as Barb you’re right he is def worse if I am anxious 🙂

  7. HI Tania
    Just read your story and about your sweet boy Blackie–isn’t it marvelous that one dog with such a horrible past fill your life with devoted love and trust and companionship whilst others at times leave your life.

    Our neighbors have a rescue very similar to Blackie breed and color and look and he has such severe SA that he has jumped out of and broken the window (glass) three times..goodness knows how he didn’t injure himself. Fortunately, the owner can take him to work. Now, his life is loved and as peaceful as it can possibly be.. and at least he no longer is abused.

    hope you are settling and finding sweeter moments with your Blackie in your new digs!!

  8. Hi Olga

    Thanks for the comments Olga, its so reassuring hearing from you all.

    I did have a breakthrough yesterday, I got home late from a work function feeling very guilty and expecting to find a bundle of stress waiting for me, istead Blackie was so happy he started to play his old hide and seek game with me, it almost bought me to tears!

    I bought the Tracerz today so hoping they won’t take more than a week or so to get here and hopefully they will then help with the bump and knocks.

    1. yay- how awesome for both of you!!!!!
      I love the tracerz… and have reapplied them for Horus as he relearns his map again …

      his only minimal vision eye was enucleated last Friday and he is readjusting … and we are facing a number of challenges with this…. we have a new puppy of 4 months, and we still haven’t finished off our enclosure and I think my work may not tolerate too many more days off…. this eye trauma that he incurred 2l weeks ago just turned our and his world in a topsy turvy.

      good to read you have some calm with Blackie!!! 🙂

      1. Paula, I just recently adopted a precious 5 ish blind yorkipoodle. She is precious. Dolly will not leave my sight and when I leave she show string signs of separation anxiety! I am doing an exercise at home where I leave for a minute…wait outside the door then come back in. It’s been 3 weeks and she is not getting any better. I can take her almost every where, but that’s not teaching her how to stay alone! What do I do???

        1. When you stand outside the door, does she know that you are there? If she does, she may be upset because you she knows you are out there and wants you back in. So have you tried moving much farther away so she can’t sense you there?

          I had a dog that used to run away every time we left the house. She eventually settled down when she realised that this was her home. Yours may as well, once she realises that she has a permanent home.

          Have you tried leaving the TV or radio on when you leave? Wish I had more help for you but I’m not an expert on this sort of thing.

  9. My Tracerz finally arrived! YAY!

    Should I put both sets of smells down at once or best to do the obstacels first and then the path?

    I love Blackie to bits but think he was having a scratch when they were handing out brains ;-0) so want to make this as easy as possible for him.

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