Bentley Knox – SARDS

My little guy was diagnosed almost a yr ago February 14. It was sards.

We were sent to a hospital in San Antonio the test was maybe an hour long. When they told me I wanted to die it hurt so bad and the tears flowed for days, but I realized that was selfish, it wasn’t about me, I should be trying to comfort him and I did just that.

Bentley had days that he had depression but I made sure I treated him as I did before sards and the days and weeks started to seem happy again. We still go to the park and I take him to all the places we used to go. I know he is happy now, he adjusted his life and he showed me how to accept things that seem unbearable he is my little hero.

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  1. Thank you your post has been encouragement to me. My 9 year old dachshund Oscar was diagnosed with shards a couple of months ago. I have cried ( not around him) so many tears for him. I have wondered how sad he must feel that he can’t see our family anymore. I keep trying to imagine how he feels until I was so depressed I knew I had to start thinking more positive . He really wants to eat all the time and is now being to want to play again. I love him so much and want him not to be sad but to live out his live happy.

  2. Lucy was diagnosed with SARDS 11/2017. she is a 10 y.o. Vizsla. She is still adjusting and is happiest after long walks in the prairie area near the lake. Unfortunately the weather here has been very cold, which she cannot tolerate as well as she had prior to becoming blind. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had and it broke our heart that this happened to her. That being said, she is adjusting but is more anxious when alone for more than a few hours. Luckily my husband is retired, but can be gone during the day due to part time positions as a coach. I would like to get another dog or puppy as a companion, but do not want to cause her any stress with the wrong choice. I have read to get a puppy or dog that is a “sub alpha” which also describes Lucy. Are breeders or rescues reliable in determining this ?

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